MEICA Expo 2024 | Muscat, Oman

24th - 26th Sept 2024

Muscat, Oman

About MEICA 2024

Welcome to the Middle East's largest
Instrumentation, Automation & Cybersecurity EXPO

An Invitation to Attend MEICA 2024

All The Key Technologies At One Venue

MEICA was the first Instrumentation Control and Automation Expo in Middle East. The event will feature technologies from GCC and all over the world that will help Oil & Gas Producers, Power Generators etc. to enhance and Improve Process Efficiency, Safety and inculcate better cybersecurity practices.

MEICA 2024 in it's 4th edition has become a high-net-worth technical expo with the latest innovations available in the market to showcase the importance of the current need today and to adapt the best practices to benchmark the cost-effective methods that will enlighten the end users and operators. The expo will provide a platform to connect with both regional and international experts, focusing on all aspects of production, manufacturing and processing entities in the wider world.

The Expo is led by some of the leading local, regional and international executives, managers and technical experts from the fields of Instrumentation control, Automation & Industrial Cyber Security. Meet and interact with these industry experts to know about the latest developments, insights, challenges and opportunities impacting the heavy industry.

MEICA’s 5th Edition is scheduled to take place on  24th - 26th September 2024 Muscat, Oman to show itself as an ideal location for the world of business and trade in Middle East, assembling key service providers and engineers involved in equipment design, standards, maintenance and reliability, cybersecurity and asset integrity practices that evolves around the instrumentation control and automation equipment prodigy of heavy industries in GCC and providing an all- new perspective on the technology and engineering expertise necessary to power a sustainable outcome for the industry.




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An industrial giant returns to its former strength
Middle East being the emerging market followed by many common wealth countries in the world, after initiating the gateway for international trade opportunities, it has been identified as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing international market. Middle East being one of the fastest growing economy in the world with the rate of 4.5% and it can play a major role in providing strength to global economy that is facing a slowdown. Middle East approves 100% foreign direct investment under the automatic route in many industrial units across many regions except those which require prior approval of the government.


Smart & Highly Energized

The selection of right instrumentation plays a vital role in the energy industry. It aids in heightened efficiencies, allows for reduced environmental impacts and is a valuable face to stay competitive. Witness some of the most renowned Industrial giants, manufacturers, Chief Engineers of Oil producers, refinery’s Instrumentation and automation technology providers as they gather together in the world’s premier Instrumentation event to discover opportunities and find solutions for the current challenges of the industry. Aldrich is proud to bring you this remarkable event.

Core Issues Within Industry

Aldrich believes that the market you operate in is constantly changing, faster than ever. And as part of our motivation, we fill the gap and bring people together who are leaders in the industry to collaborate and find solutions to one of the most interesting global issues in the market. We help connect the dots and let innovation set the standard with some of the breakthrough trends.